Services We Are Offering

Rent Collections

This is a Business to Business collection service for commercial entities to collect for outstanding bills.

B2B Debt Collections

specialize in collecting from Business to Business accounts. Their services include reporting to Dun & Bradstreet, if needed

Pre Collections

Acting as your office and collecting on your behalf, not as a collection agency. They also send letters on your behalf. Most accounts are collected before they need to go to collections.

Hospital and Medical Collections

They specialize in collecting medical debts, And working with patients on a common Working plan, client agreed settlement.

Commercial Collections

Most are commercial debts consumers owe a business for professional service provided. Collection agencies report to credit if so desired.

Judgement Collections

These involve collecting on judgements won. This involves trying collections process initially Then escalating if balance thru lawyer and Courts based on debtors assets.

Skip Tracing

A lot of debtors are at one address and move To different addresses. We strive to work with their Creditors to locate them to contact them regarding Their bill and resolution to it immediately.

Foreign Collections

Some agencies offer the opportunity to collect For other countries. So, business may be in USA, but debtor in China. That agency would look To collect the debt worldwide, depending on Restrictions.

Tools For Clients

A lot of agencies would provide tools for their Clients to avoid collections. Like newsletters and Updated information on laws that govern The collection agency field.

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